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  • 【9/14.15 BENI’S CAFE 開催♪】 2日間限定で、アジトでポップアップイベントを開催します♪

【9/14.15 BENI’S CAFE 開催♪】 2日間限定で、アジトでポップアップイベントを開催します♪

今回アジトに来てくださるのは、「BENI’S CAFE」。


Dear friends,
Thanks to your support and positive feedback on our recent pop-up event. The good news is that Beni’s kitchen will once again be open to the general public! By popular demand, the most requested items, Egg coffee & Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich, will be on the menu!
On September 14th & 15th, we will collaborate with Charlie House Agito to host a “Fami-Dine-Time” event, to emphasize its “Mama supporting project”, which was established by a working mom of 3 boys, Kameyama-san. The project’s goal is to support and provide a co-working space for moms so they can work comfortably between housework and childcare, giving mom’s an opportunity to do their favorite things and use their special skills.
Being a good mom is hard.
Being a good working mom is even harder.
Trying to squeeze in your hobbies into this, is harder still!
But nothing is impossible if you have a little help from friends, family and society.
On the day, we will offer a free simple menu for kids. There is a play space for babies/kids just right next to you so you can enjoy a good cup of coffee and vietnamese food whilst your kids play. We look forward to seeing you there!


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